Why Lead Generation is nothing without Lead Management

Akim B.

Lead generation is always an issue. Of course, new leads are the basis for future growth and business development, but it requires a sustainable processing of leads before, during and after an event. Lead management helps to process new leads in a structured, personal and yet automated way.

Key Visual Lead Management

Good lead management consists of four elements:

Processes – The development of a prospect to completion is a long road and requires coordinated communication, a structured approach and close coordination between sales and marketing.

Content – “Only those who have something to say are considered.” This is why it is particularly important in communication to pass on relevant information to interested parties.

Tools – Software can provide valuable assistance in the implementation of company processes and support marketing in the planning and execution of campaigns. In addition, a connection with the CRM system integrates the sales department and keeps it informed about all measures at all times.

Methodology – A specific methodology for developing leads. The mapping of the sales process in the form of a sales funnel plays an important role.

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