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Rebranding Tech4home

A new Brand for an established company is the perfect chance to rethink. Tech4home engaged us to partner with them in redefining their brand identity.

The Client

Tech4home is a major player in the remote-control devices and technologies industry, with 20 years in designing, developing and delivering intuitive and innovative integrated wireless remote-control solutions.

The Brief

In the last ten years the remote control market has evolved, users nowadays use other interaction methods than a decade ago. Tech4home as a multi-award-winning company was always ahead of its time featuring the latest in user experience and technology. Now it was time to adjust the brand to reflect this.

The result

GUTJAHR Thinkers and Makers kickstarted the collaboration with Tech4home through the organization of multiple meetings and workshops with the Portugal based company to further understand their needs in detail. Resulting in an in-depth brand positioning strategy for further discussions with the customer. This was great starting point for our creative team for developing the new look and feel of the company. 

The holistic approach of using both a macro and micro approach – resulted in a consistent Corporate Design which includes all major branding assets like logo, letterheads for different uses, business cards, a complete website, newsletter templates, email signatures and many more. 

A Corporate Design Manual containing the Branding guidelines and key elements were presented to the client to ensure a consistent use of all brand elements in the future.

The Future

At GUTJAHR, our biggest goal is to create lasting partnerships. We look forward to further implement more brand positioning strategies together with our customer.  

GUTJAHR thinkers & makers is the right partner for your branding project. Whether it is a to curate a new brand from scratch or offer perspectives in rebranding. Sounds interesting? Then we should talk.

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