Business Development

Curating the best strategies for your company’s long-term business success.

At GUTJAHR, we tailor custom-fit strategies to boost your business and to create a sustainable value for our clients

Our Approach


  • Brand Strategy
  • Research/Analysis
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Lead Strategy
  • Data Strategy
  • Growth Strategy


  • Business Development
  • Interim management
  • Distribution Process
  • Market expansion
  • Lead Management

Strategic Business Planning 

Identifying opportunities and threats in the marketplace helps minimize risks 


Understand your core competencies to build a stronger brand


Increase Customer Loyalty and Rentention through effective systems and processes

Sales Process

Enables seamless onboarding of both new and existing sales teams, increasing sales perfomance

Lead Management

Finding the right customer acquisition KPIs and channels to acquire leads

Market expansion

Identify, access and choose the best viable adjacent growth opportunities for your company

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