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The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is one of the largest and most important events in the telecommunications industry. Through our active engagement over the years, GUTJAHR thinkers & makers have built long-term partnerships with various stakeholders in this industry.

Besides building successful partnerships, GUTJAHR thinkers & makers are also experts at Event Management with our global show experiences.

Some of our extensive pre- and post-show promotion / marketing tools / strategies includes:

  • Leading voice of the market with Content Marketing: White papers, eBooks etc.
  • Lead automation & Lead management boost sales conversion   
  • Increase your sales success through strength-focused Profile write-up
  • Scale your growth with the right Strategies & measures despite having limited time and/or resources.

From Start-ups, Small & Medium Enterprises to Corporations, find out how the right strategic Sales & Marketing approach can help you stand out at upcoming Shows and in achieving your Goals.


At GUTJAHR thinkers & makers, we believe in the importance of sharing knowledge, and to inform is to inspire. Through Insights, we aim to share the latest news and trends in various industries, on corporate strategies and our company updates.

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